The Marine

Ahh, the Marine.  Tall, tattooed, tan, body ripped like a fucking Greek God, smile like a motherfucking angel.

How do I put this nicely...I can't so if you get offended easily, don't read this (then again, if you get offended easily, what the fuck are you doing reading this blog?).  

He was the best sex I've ever had! Not only did he have the three S's (size, strength, and stamina), but he made things happen that I didn't even know could happen to me.  And they happened multiple times!  He fucked me so good and hard.  Being a wee bit younger than me (OK, so dating him technically made me a Puma, but who the fuck cares?  He's in his 20's, he's legal.), he has the stamina of a teenager.  Add to that the iron willpower of an athlete, and you get a man who fucked me in every position I asked for, and for such a long time that I was almost in tears from the pleasure.

I almost feel bad for my future boyfriend/husband.  I hope he's good at "making love" because it'll be hard to find someone who can fuck as good as the Marine.

The Marine also gets a Pink Skully because he has lessened my hatred of Valentine's Day.  Yes, even when I'm with someone, I hate VD Day (as April and I call it). Not because I'm bitter or hate romance (I'm actually just like chocolate covered pretzels: sweet and salty and romantic in an offbeat way), but because the original purpose of valentine's cards was for a young woman to be chosen as a man's property for the following year, serving him in any way he wanted.  Yeah, suddenly flowers and a card don't seem so romantic, do they?

Anywhore, as I was saying, the Marine lessened my hatred of the "holiday."  It was on Valentine's night that I was first with him, and at one point he stopped what he was doing (which he was doing very well), looked at me, and smiled as he said "Happy Valentine's Day."  So cute.  He's funny, smart, and a total sweetie.  As for me? Best Valentine's I've ever had...