WTF is a Pink Skully?

Throughout my sex dating journey, I've met some asshats, some douche-weasels, and some fucktards.  But I've also met some smokin' hot great guys, too.  And in the world of online dating, too often those great guys get lost among the fucktards, asshats, and douche-weasels.  So I want to recognize some of the cool guys I've met and befriended with a Pink Skully Award.

To win a Pink Skully, a guy has to be amazing, incredible, or un-fucking-forgettable.  The judging panel consists of myself and my 3 bff's (April, Kelly, and Amy).

The following is just a small list of things that, on their own or with others, have won a guy a Pink Skull.

  • Able to give me multiple orgasms.
  • Became more than a one-night-fuck.
  • Embodies the friend aspect of a friend with benefits.
  • Makes me utter (or moan) "Oh my fuck!"
  • Able to make a real connection with me, despite the odds. 
  • Best (specific type of) Date Ever
  • Makes me giggly and girly (because really, I'm so not normally a giggly-girly-girl)