Saturday, July 23, 2011

Condoms Aged Me 20 Years Tonight

I just got "Maam'ed" at Wal-Mart by a guy who was obviously a good 10 years older than me.

Yes, I am 33, but I am routinely told I look about 22 28.  About 6 years ago I actually got carded when I walked into an Adult Toy store, because the guy at the counter didn't believe I was over 18!  No, really.  Really!  Ok, maybe he was drunk, but the point is I still got carded.

And yet tonight, some acne-scarred old dude called me "Maam" as he rang up my purchase.  *sigh*

I'm chalking it up to the fact that when my box of 12 XL Magnum Trojans refused to be scanned and needed a price check, thus announcing to the four people in line behind me that there was a woman buying not just a normal 3-pack, but a whole box of extra large condoms, he turned the color of Peruvian purple potatoes and I didn't blink, blush, or blanch.  Because really, only a mature (i.e. old "Maam") woman would be unfazed by that.

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