Sunday, July 31, 2011

The men of my far

  • Significant guys in my past include two Shaun/Shawn's, a Chad, a Helder, a Henry, a Pedro, an Andy (aka The Marine), a Randy, a Rob, a Ron, and an Austin. Oh yeah, there was a significant girl named Rebecca in there, too...
    • I'm J-name cursed, to the point where I hesitate to date a guy whose name begins with "J". There's been a Jon (aka Jon the Giant), a Jonathan, a Johnny, a Jeff, a Justin, a Jesse, two Jay's, and a Jason.
    • I have very specific weaknesses when it comes to guys.  They are:
    1. Long black hair
    2. The Presence (aka Bad-ass-ness wrapped in sex and garnished with a little 'Oh my fuck')
    3. Tattoos
    4. Black clothes (especially black leather)
    5. Ability to play the guitar and/or sing
    6. Member of a metal or hard rock band
    7. Looks mean and tuff and intimidating and Bad-assey to everyone else, but is a big softy with me
    8. Loves classic muscle cars (old Camaro, Mustang, GTO) or bikes

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