Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween, Merry Samhain, and Happy Celtic New Year!

A friend of mine had a Halloween party this past Friday night.  It's a tradition for her and her hubby to throw this party, complete with an ice luge for shots (I want to be her when I grow up - she's so cool).  The last couple years I wasn't able to go, but this year, finally, I made it!

Besides the drinking, Rock Band, boob flashing, and crazy costumes, one more interesting thing happened. I met a guy.

He's different from the type of guy I usually date (meaning he's employed, he's smart, and he's kind), but we have a lot in common and we spent a good amount of time talking  Friday.  But, because this is my love life we're talking about here, of course there's a catch.

He didn't ask for my number.

As I said, we talked during the party a few times.  At the end of the night, it was me, him, the hostess and her hubby left.  The hostess went to bed, and her hubby told us we were welcome to hang out at their house as long as we wanted.  He graciously informed us of a couch that opens to a bed in the basement in case we wanted some privacy, as well as let us know we were welcome to watch tv, or put on a movie or some porn.  Yep, he said porn.  Love that guy, lol.

So, me and the cutie went into the living room and sat there talking for a while.  We held hands.  He had his arm around me.  I had my head on his lap, and he was stroking my back.  It was very innocent, but very sweet.  After a couple hours we fell asleep like that, and I woke up with my head still on his lap in the morning.

When we left, he gave me one of those really long hugs that's more like someone holding you than hugging you.  We both did the procrastination thing, where we said "Well, I should go..." a couple times without actually going.  Told him I was really glad I had met him; he said "Me, too."  And then we left, in separate directions.

I was doing the procrastinating thing because I was waiting for him to ask for my number, or at least say "I'll friend you on Facebook," but nope.  Nothing. Nada.  A big fat zilch.

I'll admit it; I'm confused.  I really don't know why he didn't ask for my number, at least as a new friend.  I'm disappointed, too.  I like him.

The part that's killing me though is that normally, I would have said something about us hanging out, or getting his number, but I decided to not be the aggressive one this time, and let the guy do the "guy" thing.  And then he didn't.

What the hell?

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  1. Maybe he's just super shy. If he didn't even make a move on you while you were alone on the couch, maybe that's his deal. And maybe he just forgot. I would wait to see if he tries to get it from your friends and gets in contact with you, or if you want to take the initiative, get his number from them and call him yourself. Obviously the timid approach is not gonna work with this guy and if you really like him and their was a connection, I say go for it. But be careful of being too agressive because if he really is that shy, you might scare him.

    God, I'm glad I'm not dating anymore! So much stress and politics. :)

    Good luck.

    (oops, maybe I should pay more attention. Just realized this was a week ago you posted. I say call him if you haven't already!!).