Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I have been noun'd!

I have always wanted my name to become a noun in relation to me and my awesomeness.  You know what I mean, like "She's gave me The Haylah," (The Haylah being a kick-assey and un-fucking-believable sex move or a tough-ass-bitch take-no-shit move).  And today, my dream came true.  Today I was noun'd.

Woke up to a text from a guy friend (Mr. Tongue) that I've hooked up with in the past.  We're not dating, we've never dated, but we have had some great sex.

Mr. T: Hope I didn't wake you. BTW could really use some haylah
            right about now.
Me: You did, but that's OK, needed to get up anyhow. BTW what does
        "need some haylah" mean?
Mr. T: Well, sorry it was morning and things are usually filled with
            blood... haha in other words I needed some haylah.
            Some sweet tasting haylah.
Me: lmao Nice. I've always wanted to get to a point where my name
        was synonymous with sex!
Mr. T: Well if any name would be synonymous..your's would be it!
           haha Psst.....wanna haylah? haha I can picture it now! xerox
           is synonymous for copies. haylah is sex.

It's a proud day for me. And I'm sure Mom and Dad would be bursting with pride if I shared this news with them. In fact, maybe I should take out an announcement in the local paper. Ooh, better still, anyone got the number for Webster's?


  1. ROFL That's actually pretty awesome

  2. Well, that's better than what my name would probably mean. I'm thinking people would be like: "quit being such a Misty." Or: "Life's a Misty." Or: "Son of a Misty!" Or even: "Don't be taking out all your Mistyness on me, Misty!"

    I would much rather hear "I had the most mind numbingly fantastic Misty last night!! I still can't walk straight from the best Misty I've ever had in my life." :) So you win!!

  3. lol No no no, Misty. Yours will definitely be "Oooh you better watch out or I'm gonna get all MISTY on your ass!"