Tuesday, October 25, 2011

William Gibson

My therapist says I have low self-esteem, and that by continuing to try and and make guys like me through sex, all I'm doing is setting myself up for disappointment, more hurt, and ore negative feelings about myself.  But I wonder, could it be that I really AM awesome and that all the guys I've met are assholes? 


  1. or could it be that you just want to get laid? I mean really, that was my damage so....


    and yes, you are in fact surrounded by assholes

  2. Definitely assholes.

    And seriously . . . it sounds like your therapist needs to get laid. Too uptight.

  3. lol I love you bitches!! xoxo

  4. holy shit dude! I just noticed you put my link up! I am having a Sally Field moment.


  5. sars - I like you, I really like you! :)

    Your blog is kickass and I love reading it. No doubt I had to share with others!