Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stage 4 Clinger

A few days ago a guy emailed me through my online profile and we began chatting.  Seems nice, he's cute, so far so good.  We haven't met yet, and we haven't had any really long phone conversations.  we've talked enough to decide we want to meet, which we are planning on doing this upcoming week.

Today, when he was at work, I got a text from him that gave me a hint of the heebie-geebies.  It was along the lines of Things are slow here.  Ok, not heebie-geebie-ish on it's own.  It was the last sentence that did it: Miss you.

Sweet? Yes.

Flattering?  You betcha.

Premature Affectuation?  YES!

When I read that the little man in my head pulled the alarm and suddenly the red lights were flashing, the sirens were blaring, and that always-calm British computer voice was repeating 

Stage 4 Clinger!  
Repeat: We have a Stage 4 Clinger!

I mean, what exactly does he miss about me?  My texts?  My stuffy nose voice on the phone (damn seasonal allergies)?  Or does he just like the idea of missing me?  You know, like when people are in love with the idea of being in love but not so much in love with the person they are in love with the idea of being in love with.  Shut up, it did too make sense.

I love to tease my Mom and my sister because both my father and my brother-in-law said "I love you" on the second date, and both my Mom and my sister kind of rolled their eyes and laughed nervously at them.  But they both ended up marrying them, too.  Could this be karmic retribution?  Or is my love life just this much of a joke to the gods?

Whatever it is, I'd love to believe there is something magickal about me that this guy honestly does miss after barely knowing me.  I might even let myself pretend it's true, at least, until the heebie-geebies attack again.

My point is, that while I'm searching for someone to miss me when we're not together, it makes me nervous and gives me a heebie-geebie attack when that happens before we've even met.


  1. run, run like the wind. that is creepy.

  2. It IS creepy! And normally I like creepy, especially in October. But when creepy becomes heebie-geebie-creebie, I think your advice is best: RUN!

  3. It totally made sense!

    I don't know. Maybe he's just not good with socially acceptable interaction and doesn't get that statement might be heebie-inducing. Maybe he was just thinking about a previous conversatoin with you and realized he missed that. I would say don't write him off just yet.

    Maybe it is Karma. Maybe the women in your family are meant to have their soul mates instantaniously fall in love with them, yet your predecessors did not have internet dating to contend with. Just a thought.

    Either that or he is a huge creeper. Just keep your antennae finely tuned . . .

  4. I'm actually really glad you said that, Misty. Mom said basically the same thing when I told her about it, and I kind of want to see where this one goes. :) Antennae tuned!