Friday, October 21, 2011

Internet Guy

My BFF Amy found this at The White Sade and I had to share:

The man of my dreams. <3
I died when I saw this.  I was very tempted to find a way to contact this guy.  I mean, not only is he 100% real (which is a huge plus since we all know what an embarresment it is to be caught making out with a life-size Ken doll, not to mention the unsatisfactory fact that he's missing his love stick), but he has a big TV (because you know what they say about a man with a big TV, don't you? Oh, er, me neither.), knows 15 of the 24 major guitar chords (that's more than half, bitches!), and he'll totally enjoy my favorite past-time: having a man eat tacko's off my big boobs while I watch cartoons!  I mean, he really is perfect for me.

So if anybody out there knows who this guy is, please, please, give me his number.  Because while some women dream of marrying a US President, all I want is a man who's touched one...twice!

PS You can find the original post from Sade here.


  1. Ohhhh, you had me at 'tackos'. Call him up and tell my ex-husband I said 'hey'.

  2. but does he eat salsuh with them, because that shit can get messy.

  3. Jen, damnnit, not him AGAIN! lol

    Sars, lmfao xoxo