Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello, Mr. Hypocrite

The Dark One answered one of those getting to know you questions on the dating website and I’ve realize he’s a big fat hypocrite.  Or a fucking dickhead.  As they both seem to be descriptively appropriate, I’ll have to think about that one.  

The question was along the lines of how often are you honest with your feelings, and his answer was “always.”  Ok, so nobody is 100% honest ALWAYS, and I get that.  What caused me to slam my coffee on the table, thereby splashing it up into the path of the tabletop fan where it caught wind and flew to all over my face, was his follow-up comment: I feel bad for people who can’t be honest with how they feel.

You. Fucking. HYPOCRITE! 

How many weeks have you been telling me you “don’t know” why you won’t meet me in person?  How many times have I asked you something and you’ve just gone silent, poof-ed out of the conversation and not talked to me until hours later or the next day when you could pretend that I had never brought up the topic you flaked on?  How many fucking times have I asked you what the fuck changed between us three weeks ago when you went from wanting to meet me, texting me every day, and flirting with me to suddenly being distant and evasive and flat-out fucked up? 

Huh?  HUH?  HUH???

I said it when I first started talking to The Dark One, and actually, I tell everybody this: no matter what is going on, just don’t lie to me.  I’d rather hear the most horrible truth in the world, than be lied to about something.  Cuz chances are, I’ll find out you lied to me.  And then I’ll be not only upset about the horrible truth, but I’ll be nail your balls to the wall, shitkickers in your ass pissed the fuck off.  Believe it or not (and I’m sure you don’t), I’m a reasonable, understanding person, and it takes a LOT to get me really angry.  But when I do get angry?  You  better run like your fucking ass is on fire, because I’m not just a woman with a temper; I’m a redhead Irish badass with a very short lit fuse and a bag of fucking dynamite.

PS THAT is how you’re honest with your feelings, asshat.


  1. The Dark One needs to stick his entire head up his Dark Place. After that, you can use the dynamite you have to detonate whatever is left of his pathetic self. This guy is so many different kinds of messed up - you don't need that in your life. How could he ever be supportive of you if he is this (and obviously, he is) fucked up?

  2. I know I know I know. But have you seen the HAIR? lol