Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Now Back to Our Regularly Schedued Program

OK all, thanks for putting up with (or at least skimming past) the drama I shared in the last two posts.  For those of you who rolled your eyes the entire time, bite me.  My blog, my posts, my rants. *charming smile*

But now that I've gotten that crap out, let's get back to the funnies.  I mentioned that I received a message on my online profile yesterday.  I read it and promptly deleted it.  It was from a 53 year old guy.  I am a 33 year old woman, which means he's old enough to realistically be my father, and I'm good on that.  My Dad and I have a great relationship; I'm not looking for another one.

But I know there was no way I could delete the message without copying it for you, my insane friends.  Think you're missing out on all the fun and romance of dating again?  Check this out:

would you like to be Mommy? and i will be your little girl or boy :-) ....or i can be anything you want....btw, love wiccans :-) 

Someone pass me a little whiskey so I can rinse my mouth out, please...


  1. hahahahaha, that is amazing. okcupid is great for those types of messages. although it reminds me of 1,000 Ways to Die last night where a guy died from being crushed in a crib during a mommy/daddy roleplay. Maybe this guy meets the same fate?

  2. Forget rinsing your mouth out after that post. Down what's in your shotglass. Holy mother, how can people even type that shit without choking on their own vomit. Oh wait, that's what babies do sometimes, isn't it? Forget that then - it might appeal to Mr. Fucked UP.

  3. Stephanie - I saw that episode! Just discovered the show yesterday on their marathon...made me feel better about my life to know that at least I'm not pathetic enough to die of dehydration because I refuse to pause the porn I'm watching and get a drink!

  4. Anon - good call, why waste a good shot of Jack with a rinse and spit?