Friday, August 26, 2011

Irony: the Universe's Version of a Fart Joke

Originally written and intended for posting on August 20th, until I realized my posting capabilities were cut severely short by the heart monitor and oxygen tanks around me...

How sad is it that after 8 and a half months of online dating, I've met 10 guys in person, slept with 6 of them, become friends with 4 of them, stayed friends with 3 of them, and am falling almost-in-love with the one I haven't even talked to the phone with, and yet I'm in the hospital for the 3rd day, alone, and forcing myself to hold my pee as long as I can because my new roommate keeps using the bathroom to shit and make herself puke?

Oh yes, and the ironic twist? The hospital room is on a floor with only crabby, crusty, old people, and babies.

Yeah, I'm on the elderly floor in the Maternity wing.


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